monarch trips

Privacy Policy

Updated March 4 2019

Personally Identifiable Information

We currently do not store personally identifiable information.

Trip Information

Your trip information is stored locally on device as well as on your iCloud. Please consult the Apple iCloud privacy policy. You can manage your information directly within iCloud and manage settings from your device and iCloud settings.

Third Parties

We may make calls to 3rd party APIs to deliver rich content to the Monarch Trips App. We transmit the searched location's data to those third parties. We will will also try to give you outbound links to those 3rd party sites in an effort to enrich the travel planning experience.


We may store information in the form of logs locally on device to help in debugging app behavior.

We may also store information in the form of logs on our backend systems whenever a backend request is made from the app or website.


We do not handle any of your payment information and use the platform provided by Apple's App Store. Please see their privacy policy for more details.


Please direct any questions to